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02/19/2017 Prophetic Promises for Intercession (2015)             Corporate Prayer
03/12/2017 Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Part 9, The Authority of Jesus' Name Mike McClung As a new creature of heaven, we are God’s ambassadors (Father-representatives) bringing His love, word, power and purposes to men and creation, calling them to repentance, submission, obedience and intimacy with the One who burns with desire for them. Yet this is only manifest in and through us if we deny ourselves and choose to submit fully to Him in everything. Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Vision and Strategy       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
01/19/2018 The Emerging Ekklesia, Part 5 - Taking Dominion Mike McClung At our Friday Night Establishing the Hub of 8 meeting, Mike McClung continues his series on the Emerging Ekklesia. In this Part 5, Mike discusses how the 7 Mountains Mandate is very much grounded in scripture, but not only that, how the Tabernacle of David paradigm is the ultimate fulfillment of that vision. This is a CRITICAL message for those want to retake our culture for the kingdom of God! The Emerging Ekklesia       Church Order/ Function
04/22/2018 The New Sound Ben Brown Ben Brown shared this Sunday on "The New Sound". Contrary to popular belief, the New Sound God is waiting for is not necessarily musical. Walking through scripture, Ben uses example after example to show that the New Sound is the sound of a sincere and selfless cry to God, that moves His heart so that He is compelled to act on behalf of His bride on earth. Individual Messages       Church Order/ Function
10/15/2017 Striking the Waters in the New Season David Townsend David Townsend shared a message this Sunday called, "Striking the Waters in the New Season." It is time to manifest and to put into practice what we have been told about this new season. But how do we make the Word of God real, when we have to deal with the "real world" on Monday morning? The Lord has an answer to that: mustard seed faith. Individual Messages        
05/13/2018 Bullet Points from the Holy Spirit David Townsend David Townsend shared this Sunday a list of points from the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is looking for a prepared vessel to fill, which means we must be empty of ourselves, our agendas, our dead works, our opinions--so that the Spirit of God can spring up through us. Individual Messages       Church Order/ Function
09/02/2018 The Mystery of Christ's Headship in Our Times David Townsend David Townsend shares on the Leadership of Christ. Understanding our Lord as our Head is essential to growing into the Bride of Christ in the End-Times. We need to see our Lord as consistent in His leadership of His Church, even if we don't understand all of the details of His ways. Individual Messages       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
05/06/2018 Dead Men Walking Richard Mays Dr. Richard H. Mays ministered a message this Sunday called, "Dead Men Walking." In it, he explains how if we dedicated ourselves to the Lord as living sacrifices (Rom. 12:1), our lives should be surrendered daily to the One who has purchased them. This is a very clear and concise message on a critical topic which many believers can overlook. Individual Messages       Church Order/ Function
10/22/2017 The Final Temple Richard Mays Dr. Richard H. Mays shared a message Sunday morning at Lionheart called, "The Final Temple." If the Lord has said that we, human beings, are His chosen temple for the Holy Spirit, then why do we so often neglect our physical bodies? Could it be that one hindrance to breakthrough and revival is that we are casually abusing our "temple" and regarding His dietary laws as void? Individual Messages        
01/21/2018 The Emerging Ekklesia, Part 7 | Elders - Government Mike McClung Here is Part 7 of the Emerging Ekklesia Series by Mike McClung. Mike has been working his way through this series recently, discussing the scriptural definitions and callings of the Church the Lord is building in our time. In this message, Mike discusses Elders and Government in the Ekklesia. Regardless of the preferences, traditions, or abuses of man-made church government, the Lord has clearly outlined in scripture how the leadership of the Ekklesia is to be set up. Not only that, the Word of God is clear how the elders should build up, feed and disciple the Body of Christ, and how the Body should and should not treat the elders. This is a message that could bring order and health back to the Body like we have not seen in a long time. The Emerging Ekklesia       Church Order/ Function
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