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10/14/2018 Purpose and Destiny, Part 2 (From The Abba Series, Part 3) Mike McClung Many of us have been given a vision from the Lord, yet because of the warfare against us, and the time that has passed since we first heard from the Father, we have wondered if we really heard anything at all. Mike McClung shares this Sunday from the Abba Series: Purpose and Destiny, to refresh us on the process that is required to go from hearing a vision to seeing it fulfilled. This extended, frustrating process must take place so that when the day comes, we are not simply fulfilling a task, we are manifesting Christ, and not ourselves. Abba Series 3: Purpose and Destiny       Knowing God/ Devotional
10/07/2018 The Father's Blessing (Part 16 of The Abba's Series 2: Abba's Ways) Mike McClung Mike McClung shares a very special message on The Father's Blessing. In Hebrew/Biblical culture, blessing was a integral part of each son and daughter's life. Each person grew up and thrived because of the blessings of their parents at each stage of life. Even the Lord Jesus was prepared to face His temptations and released into ministry with the public blessing of His Father. Yet so many in our culture today are in desperate need of the blessing of the Father.

In this message, Mike McClung explains this need in all of us, and then at the end of the message, he declares a blessing over everyone.
Abba Series 2: Abba's Ways       Knowing God/ Devotional
09/30/2018 Breaking the Power of Shame - Deliverance and Healing, Part 13 Mike McClung The first expression of sin in humans was fear and shame. Though the work of Christ on the Cross was eternal and complete, freedom from shame is not often discussed in churches. Yet the signs and expressions of shame are everywhere; constantly trying to cripple identity and destiny. We must return to the Word of God and see how the Lord's promises of freedom have power over shame as well. Deliverance and Healing       Healing and Deliverance
09/25/2018 Identity and Destiny - From the Series Restoring the Ruins: Generations Mike McClung Mike McClung shares a message on "Identity and Destiny", an in depth look at how the blessings and curses that come on us from authority figures and others can so easily shape our identity. This then can either release us into our destiny or keep us paralyzed in false images of idolatry (mostly of SELF) and do not allow the truth to set us free, like it should. We must chose to lay down our lives at the feet of Jesus, and let Him and the truth of His word set us free into the Destiny He desires for us.         Prayer/ Spiritual Warfare
09/10/2018 Who is the Bride of Christ? Part 2 - Captivated by Love Mike McClung Mike McClung continues to revisit messages on recapturing and building up our intimacy with God. This Sunday, he returned to the Bride of Christ series to update the message, "Captivated By Love". So many in the Body of Christ today are subconsciously convinced that failure comes by not trying hard enough, and religious striving is the only path to redemption. But the scriptures tell a different story. Once we have come in contact with the love of Christ, we are draw into a relationship that fuels us to get up even after our worst failures, and keep going when we don't understand. So the real question is, have you been captivated by His love?         Knowing God/ Devotional
09/02/2018 The Mystery of Christ's Headship in Our Times David Townsend David Townsend shares on the Leadership of Christ. Understanding our Lord as our Head is essential to growing into the Bride of Christ in the End-Times. We need to see our Lord as consistent in His leadership of His Church, even if we don't understand all of the details of His ways. Individual Messages       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
08/26/2018 Power Through Intimacy (From the Tabernacle of David - The Heart of David Series) Mike McClung So many ministries and individuals seek to show compassion; attempting to do as Jesus did, and manifest abundant life to the world. But there is a problem: where is the power? Just like in Matthew 13, the disciples of Christ today are missing the power of Christ; which, according to Jesus, only comes through walking in intimacy with the Father ("this one only comes out by prayer and fasting"). Our works are many, but do we know the Father, and does He "know" us? Tabernacle of David Foundations       Knowing God/ Devotional
08/20/2018 Tabernacle of David - The Heart of David - Part 4, Knowing the Heart of God Mike McClung Mike McClung returns to the Heart of David series to update the message "Knowing the Heart of God". If we are to do the will of God, we must have two things: first, we must know His heart to understand His will fully, and second, we must know His heart toward us in order to have the fuel to stay faithful to what He desires under pressure and persecution, even for decades. Tabernacle of David Foundations       Knowing God/ Devotional
08/12/2018 Intimacy With God - Part 17, Partnering in Prayer With the Lord Mike McClung Mike McClung returns to the Intimacy With God Series to talk about what it means to "Partner in Prayer with the Lord". Many of us desire to know the Lord in a deeper way, but we struggle to understand the necessity of suffering in that process. Yet, as He invited His disciples closer in the Garden of Gethsemane, He invites us to know Him in that same fellowship of prayer and suffering (Philippians 3:10). Can we tarry one hour with Him? Intimacy With God       Knowing God/ Devotional
08/05/2018 Intimacy With God - Part 18, Waste! Mike McClung Mike McClung continues to revisit the "Intimacy With God" series with this message called "Waste!" In Mark 14:3-9, Mary of Bethany pours our her dowry on Jesus. This offering was criticized by the religious, but Jesus commended her spectacularly. In the midst of so many very spiritual activities that we SHOULD do (such as give to the poor), we must remember to keep our priorities clear. We do not minister FOR Jesus first. We minister TO Him just because we love Him. Intimacy With God        
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