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01/20/2019 Moving in Faith With the Spirit (Part 7 of Adventures in Faith Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung shared Part 7 of the Adventures in Faith series today, entitled "Moving in Faith With the Spirit." In this message, Mike discusses how cherishing, guarding and developing our relationship with the Spirit is of utmost importance. It is through faith and relationship with the Holy Spirit that He is able to move UPON us and establish the entrance-way to heaven on earth. If we grieve Him, we shut off the flow of His glory and power both to us and all those around us. Yet if we remain submissive to Him in relationship, His dunamis power can flow out of us to others as often as He desires; giving the Father the glory, not us. Adventures in Faith       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
01/13/2019 Faith Releases Power (Part 6 of Adventures in Faith Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung shares from John 15:1-8 this Sunday. Many in the Body of Christ emphasize either character OR power, but in the life of Jesus, and in His clear teaching, we see that we are called to have BOTH, both personally and in the corporate body of Christ. We are called to have a daily, potent relationship based on our with Christ based on our obedience to His commands (abiding), and if this is in order, we WILL see signs follow us to bear witness to His resurrection! Adventures in Faith       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
01/06/2019 Faith Does What It Says (Part 5 of Adventures in Faith Series) Mike McClung As a continuing part of the "Adventures in Faith" Series, Mike McClung shares a message called "Faith Does What It Says." According to Acts 1:1, Acts 2 and the multitude of examples throughout the gospels, Jesus never separated the display of supernatural power from the ministry of the Word. So why should we? If the Lord is truly speaking, there will be a power demonstration to confirm it. According to John 10, it is one of the primary witnesses that confirm Jesus Christ is the Messiah. So where is the power?         Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
12/30/2018 Faith Attracts (Part 2 of Adventures in Faith Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung continues the discussion of faith in a message called "Faith Attracts." Have you ever noticed patterns in your life that seem to confirm your expectations? Similar people are drawn to you over and over; similar circumstances repeat themselves over the years? The scripture is clear: there are deep things within us that call out to deep things in others. Could it be a problem with our faith? What we expect of people; what we expect of our circumstances; and what we expect of God--that is what we usually end up with. It is time to repent and get our thinking and our faith closer to what the Word of God says.         Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
12/16/2018 Faith - Possessing the Unseen Mike McClung Mike McClung continues our recent discussion of faith with this message, "Faith - Possessing the Unseen." This is an update of an older message from the "Adventures in Faith" series. On our journey of obedience and waiting on His promises, the Father arranges things so that His purposes IN us are developed as we move toward His purposes being released THROUGH us. We think we are simply obeying Him, meanwhile we are learning His ways/heart; He is exposing and removing Ishmaels within us; and developing the faith of multiple generations within our influence.          
12/09/2018 Getting Aligned With God for Justice Mike McClung Mike McClung revisited the "Entering Our Purpose" Series to update the message, "Getting Aligned With God for Justice." It is clear from scripture that God is very interested in bringing justice on behalf of His name and His people. So what must we do to prepare ourselves for Him to answer our prayers? Find out in this message.          
12/02/2018 Mature Love (Part 12 from Our Central Purpose) Mike McClung "Mature Love" is Part 12 of the Our Central Purpose series by Mike McClung. Mike is revisiting and updating this series right now.

Maturity in Christ is always an expression of the love of God in and through us. Rather than "trying" to love like God loves, a mature believer is one who has so yielded to the Father, that His love overshadows and replaces our human-based love. This requires denying self, and putting our natural reactions on the Cross--to the point that we love those who don't love us, or even hate and hurt us. To love with God's love is to have a heart that says to those who hurt us, "Father, forgive them."
Our Central Purpose       Church Order/ Function
11/25/2018 Eyes on the Prize (From Our Central Purpose, Part 6) Mike McClung Mike McClung continues his review of Our Central Purpose with "Part 6 - Eyes on the Prize." Though many in the Body of Christ have heard true revelation and clear biblical vision, so many have allowed personal ambitions, offenses, worldly pressures and temporary goals to grip and control their lives. As a result, eyes and hearts have been veiled to the Lord and His purpose. We must re-sensitize ourselves to God's reality and methods. Our calling/spiritual vocation is only a means to the ultimate purpose: embracing an inward cross; putting Jesus' resurrection life on display, and being conformed to His image, all for the Father's glory alone. Our Central Purpose       Church Order/ Function
11/18/2018 Our Central Purpose: Part 3, How Do We Get There? Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike McClung revisited "Our Central Purpose", and updated the message, "How Do We Get There?". In our pursuit of the Lord, we ask Him for many things. But at some point, He will ask us, "What are you seeking?" like He did the disciples in John 1:38. The Lord is looking for the inner motives in our service, even very spiritual and religious actions like pursuing Him each day. The Lord Jesus did not live a moral life, He lived to please His Father with everything He did, even if it cost Him His life on the Cross. Now we should "go and do likewise."         Church Order/ Function
11/11/2018 Purpose and Destiny, Part 5 (From Abba Series 3, Purpose and Destiny) Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike McClung continued his update of the Abba Series: Purpose and Destiny, with Part 5.

God's will has always been to raise up a spiritual habitation made of living stones in which to tabernacle and reveal His glory to creation. Yet, what we find in the majority of churches--from small fellowships to megachurches--is a place where the focus of everything is on the "building material" (people) more than finishing the "building" (the temple of living stones that glorifies the Father and channels the Holy Spirit into the earth).

Put another way, what would be the purpose of our meetings if all of the problems of humans in our church were solved in an instant? We have forgotten (or have never heard) that we are being shaped and polished for a purpose WAY beyond our personal growth! We are being fit together for the ultimate corporate high calling: to put His glory on display throughout the world!
Abba Series 3: Purpose and Destiny       Knowing God/ Devotional
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