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03/17/2019 Basic Bible Doctrine: Part 1, The Bible - The Word of God Mike McClung Mike McClung begins a new series today called "Basic Bible Doctrine." In it, he discusses why we can trust the bible with our eternal salvation and why we refer to it as inerrant and infallible. There are many half truths and twisted facts in our day, it is a relief to remind ourselves of the plumbline of the Word of the Lord. Basic Bible Doctrine        
03/10/2019 The Battle of Submission (No More Defeat, Part 9) Mike McClung Mike McClung brought a fresh word from the Lord this morning over a very difficult topic: submission. If we are honest, the selfish nature within us all hates the word, yet if we can deny ourselves and embrace a deeper submission to the Lord and His delegated authority, we will find grace and victory beyond anything we can imagine. In fact, as Mike explains, the issue of submission may answer the questions about why the powers of darkness can still hurt God's people and frustrate the Will of God. No More Defeat       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
03/04/2019 Practical Steps in Generational Transfer (Part 7 of Restoring the Ruins, Generations) Mike McClung Mike McClung shares about the desperate need for reformation in the Body of Christ. Specifically, reformation about how we train our children in the ways of God. We have many methods for training the physical body, and even training the soul, but only Godly parents/leaders can train the spirit of a child and make them ready to overcome in the warfare of life. We are losing our young people to the culture in droves. It is time to examine our hearts, mentalities and methods of training the next generation! Restoring the Ruins: Generations        
02/25/2019 Warfare By Honor (Part 9 of the Spiritual Warfare Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung shares a very important message about the necessity of honor in addressing the Lord, one another and even those that dishonor us. Honor is scarce in our society and in our churches, yet it is one of the prerequisites for successful spiritual warfare and for seeing and sustaining any move of God.         Prayer/ Spiritual Warfare
02/18/2019 Generational Transfer - Shaping the Heart (From Restoring the Ruins: Generations) Mike McClung Mike McClung teaches on a subject that is largely missing from the understanding of the Body of Christ: generational transfer. Many in ministry know they are called and have a vision they are striving to accomplish, but do not consider who will take up the mantle when they are gone. This is one definition of failure in God's eyes. No matter how great the works of that one person, if it is not passed on to another generation, it falls short of the Lord's desire. So what are we prepared to pass on? Restoring the Ruins: Generations        
02/10/2019 Developing Our Emotions, Part 3 (From the Abba Series 2: Abba's Ways) Mike McClung Mike McClung continues to discuss the ways Abba uses to develop our emotions into the fruit of the Spirit. If we want to live an overcoming life, we must learn to take our reactions and emotions to the Lord first, and pour out our complaint (Ps. 62:8), and then allow Him to manifest His emotions through us, as an empty vessel, to show the world how He feels, not how WE feel. Abba Series 2: Abba's Ways       Knowing God/ Devotional
02/04/2019 Developing Our Emotions, Part 1 Mike McClung Mike McClung shared a message this morning from the Abba Series, called "Developing Our Emotions, Part 1".

Our heaven Father created us with emotions as a glorious means through which He would express His own personality to and through us to the creation. Yet in our society today, emotions are so out of control and underdeveloped that many honestly believe that "whatever I feel, that is reality." We must understand that our society is an amplification of the condition of the church. And after multiple generations of a "me-centered" gospel, based on how I feel, is it any wonder the world is emotionally unstable? We must return to balance based on the Word of God. We must return to covenant relationships, which demand emotional development. We must submit our emotions to Abba's Ways.
Abba Series 2: Abba's Ways        
01/27/2019 Faith and Identity (Part 8 of Adventures in Faith Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung completed the Adventures in Faith series this Sunday with Part 8 - Faith and Identity.

Though Jesus Christ was the crucified, suffering servant of Isaiah 53, He fulfilled that prophecy and became the resurrected, glorified, LORD OF ALL! Now the Person of the Spirit has been sent to make real in us all that Jesus Christ presently IS, according to 1 John 4:17. Our weaknesses and failures are nothing compared to His power and authority, so why not focus on the Lord and what He wants to do, rather than ourselves?
Adventures in Faith       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
01/20/2019 Moving in Faith With the Spirit (Part 7 of Adventures in Faith Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung shared Part 7 of the Adventures in Faith series today, entitled "Moving in Faith With the Spirit." In this message, Mike discusses how cherishing, guarding and developing our relationship with the Spirit is of utmost importance. It is through faith and relationship with the Holy Spirit that He is able to move UPON us and establish the entrance-way to heaven on earth. If we grieve Him, we shut off the flow of His glory and power both to us and all those around us. Yet if we remain submissive to Him in relationship, His dunamis power can flow out of us to others as often as He desires; giving the Father the glory, not us. Adventures in Faith       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
01/13/2019 Faith Releases Power (Part 6 of Adventures in Faith Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung shares from John 15:1-8 this Sunday. Many in the Body of Christ emphasize either character OR power, but in the life of Jesus, and in His clear teaching, we see that we are called to have BOTH, both personally and in the corporate body of Christ. We are called to have a daily, potent relationship based on our with Christ based on our obedience to His commands (abiding), and if this is in order, we WILL see signs follow us to bear witness to His resurrection! Adventures in Faith       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
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