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05/20/2019 The Necessity of Community (Entering Our Purpose, Part 7) Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike shared a message about "The Necessity of Community." It was a wake up call to the mindset of the Body of Christ and the larger developed world. For multiple generations, we have been taught that independence from community is true freedom. What we don't realize is this "independence" is not normal or healthy and is one of the root causes of the decline in our society. In the Body of Christ, it is a simple truth seen throughout scripture: without forming and maintaining covenant community, the Body of Christ is paralyzed. Entering Our Purpose       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
05/13/2019 Getting Aligned With God's Justice (Part 7 of the Entering Our Purpose Series) Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike McClung shares a message called "Getting Aligned With God's Purpose." The Lord is looking to share His kingdom with His people, but first there must be "trials" in order to train His people to be able to exercise His authority with His heart and character. If we want to see the Lord's justice released, we need to ask the Lord how we can exercise His dominion where we are, with the influence we already have. He is not ignorant of our condition and situation, He wants us to extend His dominion where He has us right now.         Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
05/05/2019 Tabernacles - The Feast of Rest (Part 9 of The Feasts of the Lord Series) Mike McClung This week, Mike McClung taught from the "Feasts of the Lord" series. He revisited the message, "Tabernacles, the Feast of Rest" to update and expand it. If we are to enter into His rest, we must understand how perfectly Christ fulfilled all the requirements of the law, and the meaning each and every Feast and festival prescribed in the Law points to. Therefore, our rest will never be found in anything, even spiritual things and ministry. Our only means to walk in the rest of God is in a faith relationship with Jesus Christ through grace; even to the point where we experience the fullness of God. This message is from the "Feasts of the Lord" series. To purchase the entire series on CD or mp3, click here:         Kingdom of God/ Future Events
04/29/2019 God's Presence Finds Rest Mike McClung Mike McClung updates a message from the "Spirit of Truth" series, called, "God's Presence Finds Rest." In this message, Mike illustrates from scripture how the Holy Spirit is seeking to rest in each of us personally, and in His corporate temple: the Body of Christ. Not only is this for our benefit, but it fulfills much larger prophetic statements of scripture that must take place before the return of the Lord. The Spirit of Truth       Healing and Deliverance
04/21/2019 Sharing His Sufferings (Part 8 of the Who is the Bride of Christ Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung shares on a difficult topic: sharing the sufferings of Christ. Though our salvation was completely secured on the Cross, the Lord is looking for a Bride who will pursue Him regardless of circumstances or gain for herself. True intimacy risks everything, and demands nothing, and the day is coming when the Bride of Christ on earth will worship and serve the Lord regardless of the cost, or suffering that it takes. We will see that day because many individuals will mature to such a place that we love the Lord simply because He is worthy.

This message comes from Mike McClung's "Who Is the Bride of Christ" Series, an study on what scripture says about the Bride of Christ and the Bridegroom. Far more than just a study of allegory, this teaching is a study of the future of the faithful Ekklesia that will be waiting for the Lord when He returns to the earth. To purchase the entire series on mp3 or CD, click here:
        Knowing God/ Devotional
04/15/2019 The Last Passover (Part 4 of The Communion Table) Mike McClung In light of the Passover season we are in, Mike McClung discusses the process of a typical Passover meal and how the Lord Jesus changed it during the Last Supper to reflect the new covenant. We must understand the weight of meaning of the Last Passover and the Lord's changes to it. The Lord was expressing the terms of the New Covenant and we are invited to participate in it everyday. This messages comes from Mike McClung's "Communion Table" Series, an enlightening study on what scripture says about the Lord's Supper, and what it means for us today. To purchase the entire series on mp3 or CD, click here. The Communion Table        
04/08/2019 Wise and Foolish Virgins (The Bride of Christ, Part 9) Mike McClung The pursuit of our ministry in Christ takes fuel. We must never allow ourselves to believe that our lives can be sustained by the specific giftings, callings, talents that we have been given by God. All the things we do in our lives, including very spiritual things, must be fueled by our own secret intimate relationship with the Lord. If we do not have that, we will burn out quickly and not be able to endure. More than that, the End-Time Bride of Christ will be know by her ability to endure, which means she will be known by her secret oil of intimacy.         Knowing God/ Devotional
03/31/2019 A Prepared Bride (Part 4 of the Who is the Bride Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung revisits the "Who is the Bride of Christ" series with this message. In this message, called "A Prepared Bride", Mike discusses what drew King Ahasuerus to Esther, and what draws the attention of the Lord to His Bride in our day. The preparations of Esther to meet with the King are symbolic of the preparations we must undertake to mature in our Christlikeness. As Esther was able to stand before the King and intercede effectively for her people, there will be a mature Bride in our day that will do the same. Not only that, but the Lord has promised that we will also move into declarative authority as well, just as Esther was given permission to write the decrees herself because she had won the trust of the King with her character.         Knowing God/ Devotional
03/25/2019 Establishing a Culture of Kingdom Finance and Prosperity (Restoring the Ruins: Generations, Part 8) Mike McClung Mike McClung shares this week on the different mentalities toward money: the world's mindset, the Church mindset, and the kingdom mindset. In the first two, the central purpose is to get and hoard, in the third--the Lord's way--the central purpose is to give, expand and transfer to another generation. Which mentality have we been operating in? Restoring the Ruins: Generations        
03/17/2019 Basic Bible Doctrine: Part 1, The Bible - The Word of God Mike McClung Mike McClung begins a new series today called "Basic Bible Doctrine." In it, he discusses why we can trust the bible with our eternal salvation and why we refer to it as inerrant and infallible. There are many half truths and twisted facts in our day, it is a relief to remind ourselves of the plumbline of the Word of the Lord. Basic Bible Doctrine        
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