2020 Beginnings - Part 3, Creation Groans

Are we satisfied with the condition of the world around us?

DATE: 1/19/2020

SERIES: 2020 Beginnings
Prayer Warriors, Part 1

What is the difference between someone who prays and a prayer warrior?

DATE: 1/12/2020

SERIES: Prayer Warriors
1-5-20 | Lionheart 2020 Launch

This Sunday, Mike McClung shared a message on what the Lord has said about 2020 and how Lionheart and the Body of Christ should position ourselves for it.

DATE: 1/5/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
Leaving the TO - Transition Complete

Mike McClung discusses the Father's ways in transition, and what He does to prepare us for the new season.

DATE: 12/29/2019

SERIES: Times of Transition
Vision: Part 7, A False Image of God

Mike McClung continues his Vision Series with Part 7, A False View of God. Most Christians know the commandment, 'Have no other god but Me,' yet most in the Body of Christ have added or taken away fro...

DATE: 12/15/2019

SERIES: Vision
Contending for the Power of God

It is human nature to settle, to eventually accept situations that seem beyond our control. YET, no matter how bad the conditions of this world become, and no matter how powerless the Church seems, th...

DATE: 3/5/2017

Tabernacle of David - A Brief Overview

The Tabernacle of David is the name given to the tent of worship established by King David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. It stood in stark contrast to the Tabernacle of Moses and initiated an entirely n...

DATE: 2/19/2017

A New Season - Wealth Transfer, A Heart Issue

In this message, Mike McClung discussed the real hindrance to the transfer of the wealth that will fund the extension and expansion of the Kingdom of God: our heart condition before God....

DATE: 2/19/2017

SERIES: A New Season
Part 4, Breaking Up the Fallow Ground

In this message, Mike McClung addresses the need for each believer to let the Lord search their hearts for sin and selfishness....

DATE: 7/19/2015

SERIES: Preparation for Revival