October 2017

Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare: Part 16, Covenant and Spiritual Warfare

On Sunday, Mike McClung shared on 'Covenant and Spiritual Warfare.' It was a powerful and pointed message, but one that the Body of Christ needs to hear, if we truly want to become One Body. When true...

DATE: 10/29/2017

SERIES: Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare
The Final Temple

Dr. Richard H. Mays shared a message Sunday morning at Lionheart called, 'The Final Temple.' If the Lord has said that we, human beings, are His chosen temple for the Holy Spirit, then why do we so of...

DATE: 10/22/2017

SERIES: Individual Messages
Striking the Waters in the New Season

David Townsend shared a message this Sunday called, 'Striking the Waters in the New Season.' It is time to manifest and to put into practice what we have been told about this new season. But how do we...

DATE: 10/15/2017

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Days of Recompense

In a special, stand-alone message, Mike McClung shared this Sunday on the current state of the Body of Christ and our mandate from the Lord for the foreseeable future. 'Days of Recompense' is the seas...

DATE: 10/1/2017

SERIES: Individual Messages