March 2018

The Secret Place

This Sunday, Ben Brown shared a message called, 'The Secret Place.' In it, he explains how at the foundation of what the Lord wants is relationship, not the accomplishment of a task. This is especiall...

DATE: 3/26/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages
Taking a Reading of Current Events

Mike McClung shares this morning on how recent prophetic words and specific signs from the Lord are all connected back to Lionheart's core vision and calling, as well as the Lord's larger purpose for ...

DATE: 3/19/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages
2018 Turnaround With Randy DeMain - Session 3

This is Session 3 of the 2018 Turnaround Conference With Randy DeMain that took place over this past weekend. In it, Randy shares on the fascinating hidden meaning of the number 70 in scripture and th...

DATE: 3/12/2018

SERIES: 2018 Turnaround - A Conference With Randy DeMain
The Emerging Ekklesia, Series 2, The Ascension Gifts | Part 1, Apostle

Mike McClung started a new series this Sunday, continuing and expanding on the topic of the Emerging Ekklesia. This series is called, 'The Emerging Ekklesia, Series 2 - The Ascension Gifts'. To begin ...

DATE: 3/4/2018

SERIES: The Emerging Ekklesia