The Convergence and Synergy of the Ages (Part 16 of Preparing for Revival)



This Sunday, Mike McClung explains how the Holy Spirit is releasing the anointing of the Sons of Issachar to 'understand the times and to know what to do.' It cannot be overstated how critical it is for God's people to know the times and seasons that we live in, and the Holy Spirit is releasing this anointing to give strategic wisdom to prepare and overcome. We are in the days when all decisions based on natural, human wisdom alone will be overcome by this world. We must stay awake and aware. Because we are also in the days when the anointings of all the previous moves of God will converge into one global river of the Spirit. Will we be ready? This message is an addition to the 'Preparation for Revival' teaching series. This update is ongoing, but you can find previous parts on mp3 by looking in the Lionheart Store here:

Speaker: Mike McClung Series: Preparation for Revival