Vision: Part 6, Zion vs Babylon (Part 2)


Vision: Part 6, Zion vs Babylon (Part 2)


Mike McClung continues the Vision series with Part 6, a continuation of last week's 'Zion vs. Babylon' message. Though many can understand the growing battle between Zion and Babylon when obvious good and evil are compared, it is much more than that. The Babylonian mentality that will ultimately lead to open worship of the Antichrist is already at work in many churches. We can see it by simply asking the question: is the purpose of the local body to meet together to establish the Presence of the Lord in and among us; be conformed to His image; and bring transformation--or is it to glorify man? There are many things that are called righteous, and godly in churches that are actually just idolatrous extensions of ourselves.

Speaker: Mike McClung Series: Vision