Vision: Part 7, A False Image of God


Vision: Part 7, A False Image of God


Mike McClung continues his Vision Series with Part 7, A False View of God. Most Christians know the commandment, 'Have no other god but Me,' yet most in the Body of Christ have added or taken away from the 'image of God' in some way. Some have made God out to be an all-forgiving, never-convicting, pushover that accepts sin. Others have made Him like Zeus--a distant, condemning God that throws lightning bolts at the slightest mistake. Some make Him out to be like the prophet Jeremiah all the time, but don't see Him like the Good Shepherd at all. Or the reverse. The bottom line is, we must see the Lord clearly to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. If we neglect one or the other, we have created 'another Christ' (an anti-Christ), and we will not be transformed into His True Image, but another.

Speaker: Mike McClung Series: Vision