2020 Beginnings - Part 3, Creation Groans


2020 Beginnings - Part 3, Creation Groans


Are we satisfied with the condition of the world around us? We shouldn't be. Especially not when creation itself is groaning (Romans 8:18-25; Isa. 24:24:19-20) to see the Sons of God arise and for relief from the iniquity committed on the land. Mike McClung delves into this issue that is underneath many issues, and brings clarity from scripture and hopefully, the fear of the Lord. We need to understand that Christ manifest in His Sons and Daughters on earth is the underlying answer to lasting victory in all areas--such as righteous government, cultural transformation, etc. When the people of God deal with the sin on the land, heaven will begin to manifest on earth.

Speaker: Mike McClung Series: 2020 Beginnings