Possessing Our Inheritance: Part 3, The Joshua Generation


Possessing Our Inheritance: Part 3, The Joshua Generation


This Sunday, Mike McClung taught on the "Joshua Generation" from the Possessing Our Inheritance series. Among the many lies that are commonly believed in mainstream church culture today, there is one that is quite possibly the most dangerous and paralyzing of all. It is the unspoken belief that once you have tasted a certain gift from God--the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, gifts of healing, anointed worship, powerful teaching, effective discipleship, etc--that you have obtained the full inheritance that Christ won for us through the work of the Cross.rnrnBut we were never meant to settle! These things were given to us as a "down payment" of the things to come! Just like the massive grapes that were brought back by the spies from the Promised Land, all that we have seen was meant to propel us toward an inheritance so large we need these "samples" to even imagine it.rnrnWe must press on until we see a multi-generational Body of Christ walking in what Christ walked in--unlimited knowledge, unlimited anointing, unlimited authority, and unlimited resources--BEFORE He returns. He paid the price for a Body that FULLY represents Him in the earth.

Speaker: Mike McClung Series: Possessing Our Inheritance