Battle for the Kingdom - Series 3, Part 7


Battle for the Kingdom - Series 3, Part 7


Mike McClung shares from the Battle for the Kingdom series this week. He revisited the series to discuss how we can enter into the "stronghold of the Lord"--our refuge in these times of trouble. Ultimately, it is through the denial of "self" more than just "sin". When we chose to break agreement with the ways of the world; when we refuse to be offended or to take things personally; when we refuse to be governed by other's opinions or judgments of us; and when we do these things because the Lord has become the center of our existence, not ourselves--the stronghold of the Lord is established in us, and He is limitless in His operations in and through us.

Speaker: Mike McClung Series: Battle for the Kingdom, Series 3: Zion, the Stronghold of the Lord