Going In - Part 3 - A Call to the Wall


Going In - Part 3 - A Call to the Wall


Mike McClung shares a message from the "Going In" series. The message is based on Luke 18:1-8; Joel 2:12-18; and Isaiah 62:1-6. It is the 11th hour. We must grasp that our choice is to either disrupt all routine, comfort and expectation in order to humble ourselves before the Lord and ask for mercy--or we will perish. This is far beyond whether the right person will be elected; that is neither the goal nor the solution to our situation. We are interceding and standing before Him to participate in the repentance of the Body of Christ and hopefully, soon, this nation. It is a repentance that is based on fully surrendering to Him, just like He always wanted, and just like He always deserved.

Speaker: Mike McClung Series: Individual Messages