Restoring Biblical Manhood, Part 1


Restoring Biblical Manhood, Part 1


Where have all the men gone? They are certainly not in churches. Men are designed by God to protect and lead our families, churches and communities with their example and their stance for the truth of God's Word. And yet most have kowtowed to the culture, which has done everything possible to neutralize, feminize, and even demonize men and masculinity. And what devastating effect it has had. As Mike McClung explains, in order for their to be revival; and in order for our nation to be saved; MEN must wake up and get in the fight!rnrnLinks to our pages:rnrnLionheart Restoration Ministries website:rn of Eight YouTube:rn Channel :rn page:rn

Speaker: Mike McClung Series: Restoring the Ruins: The Restoration of Biblical Manhood