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03/12/2018 2018 Turnaround With Randy DeMain - Session 3 Randy DeMain This is Session 3 of the 2018 Turnaround Conference With Randy DeMain that took place over this past weekend. In it, Randy shares on the fascinating hidden meaning of the number 70 in scripture and the prophetic significance of it for this year. 2018 Turnaround - A Conference With Randy DeMain       Church Order/ Function
02/19/2017 A New Season - Wealth Transfer, A Heart Issue Mike McClung In this message, Mike McClung discussed the real hindrance to the transfer of the wealth that will fund the extension and expansion of the Kingdom of God: our heart condition before God. A New Season       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
03/31/2019 A Prepared Bride (Part 4 of the Who is the Bride Series) Mike McClung Mike McClung revisits the "Who is the Bride of Christ" series with this message. In this message, called "A Prepared Bride", Mike discusses what drew King Ahasuerus to Esther, and what draws the attention of the Lord to His Bride in our day. The preparations of Esther to meet with the King are symbolic of the preparations we must undertake to mature in our Christlikeness. As Esther was able to stand before the King and intercede effectively for her people, there will be a mature Bride in our day that will do the same. Not only that, but the Lord has promised that we will also move into declarative authority as well, just as Esther was given permission to write the decrees herself because she had won the trust of the King with her character.         Knowing God/ Devotional
06/16/2019 Abba: Our Source of Life (From the Abba Series: Foundations) Mike McClung This week, Mike McClung shares a message from the "Abba Foundations" series. In this message, called "Abba, Our Source of Life," wherein he explains how Abba is always working in us to mold us into the image of His Son, Jesus. Abba is our Source, who loves and delights over us, and He is moving to shape and train us to be like Jesus.

If you would like to hear more from this series, you can purchase the entire series as mp3 downloads or as CDs by clicking here:
Abba Series 1: Foundations       Knowing God/ Devotional
03/17/2019 Basic Bible Doctrine: Part 1, The Bible - The Word of God Mike McClung Mike McClung begins a new series today called "Basic Bible Doctrine." In it, he discusses why we can trust the bible with our eternal salvation and why we refer to it as inerrant and infallible. There are many half truths and twisted facts in our day, it is a relief to remind ourselves of the plumbline of the Word of the Lord. Basic Bible Doctrine        
02/26/2017 Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Part 6, Defeating Lawlessness (Part 1) Mike McClung In this message, Mike McClung uses the clear progression of scripture to explain current events. We should not let our hearts be troubled, the Lord has given us understanding of our times beforehand and by seeing His Word clearly, we can know what to do to overcome and establish His kingdom. Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Vision and Strategy       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
03/12/2017 Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Part 9, The Authority of Jesus' Name Mike McClung As a new creature of heaven, we are God’s ambassadors (Father-representatives) bringing His love, word, power and purposes to men and creation, calling them to repentance, submission, obedience and intimacy with the One who burns with desire for them. Yet this is only manifest in and through us if we deny ourselves and choose to submit fully to Him in everything. Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Vision and Strategy       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
08/21/2017 Battling Confusion as End-Time Spiritual Warriors David Townsend This Sunday, David Townsend shared a message called "Battling Confusion as End-Time Spiritual Warriors". In it, David explains how confusion can be an indicator or symptom of something demonic going on, but as End-Time Spiritual Warriors, we must be prepared to recognize and see beyond it to stop the overall strategy of the enemy in any situation. Individual Messages        
10/27/2019 Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree Ben Brown Ben Brown shares from Jeremiah 1:9-12 and "Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree." For some, it is time to hear the Lord's voice calling to "come out of the Babylonian system." But for others, the Lord is calling us to train and equip ourselves to help others get out of those ungodly mentalities. Individual Messages        
04/16/2017 Beginnings, Part 7 Mike McClung The resurrection is the heart of our faith and the reason for the existence of the New
Testament body of Christ. If Jesus is not alive, there is no hope, no redemption and nothing to be joyful about! So WHY do we live as if He were still dead??
        Knowing God/ Devotional
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