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02/19/2017 Tabernacle of David - A Brief Overview   The Tabernacle of David is the name given to the tent of worship established by King David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. It stood in stark contrast to the Tabernacle of Moses and initiated an entirely new order of joyful worship. Davidic worship is both extravagant and demonstrative. What was once reserved as a sacred duty only for the high priest was now made open and available to all.

Learn why we see the Tabernacle of David as an instrumental key to fulfilling (1) God’s Great command to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself and (2) God's Great Commission to draw the nations to Him.
02/19/2017 Prophetic Promises for Intercession (2015)             Corporate Prayer
03/20/2017 Recovering God's Glory Ben Brown This Sunday, Ben Brown shared a message at Lionheart called, "Recovering God's Glory." In it, Ben discusses the interconnected relationship between honor, the fear of the Lord and the restoration of the Glory of God in the body of Christ in a region.          
04/23/2017 God's Purpose in Our Waiting Ben Brown This Sunday, Ben Brown shared a message called, "God's Purpose in Our Waiting." By simply opening the scriptures, Ben gives both the reasons for which God has us wait, and factors that can hinder our ability to endure. This is a very relevant message to those in the Body of Christ who have held onto promises from the Lord for several years. Individual Messages        
03/26/2018 The Secret Place Ben Brown This Sunday, Ben Brown shared a message called, "The Secret Place." In it, he explains how at the foundation of what the Lord wants is relationship, not the accomplishment of a task. This is especially important to remember in the pursuit of the larger corporate visions of the Kingdom of God, like revival and the Establishment of the Hub of Eight/ Tabernacle of David. Individual Messages        
04/22/2018 The New Sound Ben Brown Ben Brown shared this Sunday on "The New Sound". Contrary to popular belief, the New Sound God is waiting for is not necessarily musical. Walking through scripture, Ben uses example after example to show that the New Sound is the sound of a sincere and selfless cry to God, that moves His heart so that He is compelled to act on behalf of His bride on earth. Individual Messages       Church Order/ Function
10/22/2018 The Full Circle of Christlikeness Ben Brown Ben Brown shared a message this Sunday called, "The Full Circle of Christlikeness." Beginning with Isaiah 53:11, Ben walks through the scriptural definition of "justification", and the process of the Word becoming flesh in each of us to produce Christlikeness, personally and corporately. Individual Messages        
05/27/2019 God's Purpose in Deferred Hope Ben Brown This Sunday, one of Lionheart's elders, Ben Brown, shared a message called, "God's Purpose in Our Deferred Hope." Proverbs 13:12 says that "hope deferred makes the heart sick." We understand the feeling of burnout, but very rarely do we understand how we can prevent it so that we can endure to remain faithful long term. Ben explains how much of our heart sickness is based in wrong expectations of the Lord, and in order to be refreshed, we must repent. Individual Messages        
10/27/2019 Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree Ben Brown Ben Brown shares from Jeremiah 1:9-12 and "Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree." For some, it is time to hear the Lord's voice calling to "come out of the Babylonian system." But for others, the Lord is calling us to train and equip ourselves to help others get out of those ungodly mentalities. Individual Messages        
03/26/2017 Zion - The Father's Heart, Our Response, The Kingdom Revealed Chuck Nabors This Sunday, Chuck Nabors shared on the biblical reality of Zion--how is has been and always will be the Father's desire; how it is the Father's calling and purpose for His people; and how it is the Father's plan for filling the earth with His glory. Individual Messages        
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