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02/19/2017 Prophetic Promises for Intercession (2015)             Corporate Prayer
12/02/2018 Mature Love (Part 12 from Our Central Purpose) Mike McClung "Mature Love" is Part 12 of the Our Central Purpose series by Mike McClung. Mike is revisiting and updating this series right now.

Maturity in Christ is always an expression of the love of God in and through us. Rather than "trying" to love like God loves, a mature believer is one who has so yielded to the Father, that His love overshadows and replaces our human-based love. This requires denying self, and putting our natural reactions on the Cross--to the point that we love those who don't love us, or even hate and hurt us. To love with God's love is to have a heart that says to those who hurt us, "Father, forgive them."
Our Central Purpose       Church Order/ Function
01/06/2019 Faith Does What It Says (Part 5 of Adventures in Faith Series) Mike McClung As a continuing part of the "Adventures in Faith" Series, Mike McClung shares a message called "Faith Does What It Says." According to Acts 1:1, Acts 2 and the multitude of examples throughout the gospels, Jesus never separated the display of supernatural power from the ministry of the Word. So why should we? If the Lord is truly speaking, there will be a power demonstration to confirm it. According to John 10, it is one of the primary witnesses that confirm Jesus Christ is the Messiah. So where is the power?         Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
03/12/2017 Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Part 9, The Authority of Jesus' Name Mike McClung As a new creature of heaven, we are God’s ambassadors (Father-representatives) bringing His love, word, power and purposes to men and creation, calling them to repentance, submission, obedience and intimacy with the One who burns with desire for them. Yet this is only manifest in and through us if we deny ourselves and choose to submit fully to Him in everything. Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Vision and Strategy       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
10/04/2019 Revival and Proclamation - Roy and Vanessa Hackett Roy and Vanessa Hackett At our "Establishing the Hub of Eight/Tabernacle of David" meeting this Friday, Roy and Vanessa Hackett from Wales, UK share a message from the Lord about "Revival and Proclamation." As many are saying, we are going from a season of "seeing" to a season of "declaring the Word of the Lord." Roy explains what this means and how the Ekklesia must grasp this season immediately with faith.

It is a powerful and timely Word from the Lord!
Individual Messages       Conferences/ Special Events/ Guest Speakers
01/19/2018 The Emerging Ekklesia, Part 5 - Taking Dominion Mike McClung At our Friday Night Establishing the Hub of 8 meeting, Mike McClung continues his series on the Emerging Ekklesia. In this Part 5, Mike discusses how the 7 Mountains Mandate is very much grounded in scripture, but not only that, how the Tabernacle of David paradigm is the ultimate fulfillment of that vision. This is a CRITICAL message for those want to retake our culture for the kingdom of God! The Emerging Ekklesia       Church Order/ Function
10/22/2018 The Full Circle of Christlikeness Ben Brown Ben Brown shared a message this Sunday called, "The Full Circle of Christlikeness." Beginning with Isaiah 53:11, Ben walks through the scriptural definition of "justification", and the process of the Word becoming flesh in each of us to produce Christlikeness, personally and corporately. Individual Messages        
04/22/2018 The New Sound Ben Brown Ben Brown shared this Sunday on "The New Sound". Contrary to popular belief, the New Sound God is waiting for is not necessarily musical. Walking through scripture, Ben uses example after example to show that the New Sound is the sound of a sincere and selfless cry to God, that moves His heart so that He is compelled to act on behalf of His bride on earth. Individual Messages       Church Order/ Function
10/27/2019 Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree Ben Brown Ben Brown shares from Jeremiah 1:9-12 and "Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree." For some, it is time to hear the Lord's voice calling to "come out of the Babylonian system." But for others, the Lord is calling us to train and equip ourselves to help others get out of those ungodly mentalities. Individual Messages        
08/25/2019 Past the Threshold David Townsend David Townsend explains some of the structure and furniture of the Tabernacle of Moses, and explains how it lends itself to the call of the Lord to go deeper in intimacy with Him in a corporate sense. It is clear that as we see the End-Times unfolding around us, we will need to be a people of the inner court, or we will not be able to overcome. Individual Messages        
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