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02/19/2017 A New Season - Wealth Transfer, A Heart Issue Mike McClung In this message, Mike McClung discussed the real hindrance to the transfer of the wealth that will fund the extension and expansion of the Kingdom of God: our heart condition before God. A New Season       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
03/20/2017 Recovering God's Glory Ben Brown This Sunday, Ben Brown shared a message at Lionheart called, "Recovering God's Glory." In it, Ben discusses the interconnected relationship between honor, the fear of the Lord and the restoration of the Glory of God in the body of Christ in a region.          
04/03/2017 Believing the Lie Richard Mays This Sunday, Dr. Richard Mays shared on how deception can twist the Word of God in the minds of believers and leave us powerless and full of doubt, when we should be walking in the "greater works" mentioned by Jesus in John 14:12. Individual Messages        
03/26/2017 Zion - The Father's Heart, Our Response, The Kingdom Revealed Chuck Nabors This Sunday, Chuck Nabors shared on the biblical reality of Zion--how is has been and always will be the Father's desire; how it is the Father's calling and purpose for His people; and how it is the Father's plan for filling the earth with His glory. Individual Messages        
04/23/2017 God's Purpose in Our Waiting Ben Brown This Sunday, Ben Brown shared a message called, "God's Purpose in Our Waiting." By simply opening the scriptures, Ben gives both the reasons for which God has us wait, and factors that can hinder our ability to endure. This is a very relevant message to those in the Body of Christ who have held onto promises from the Lord for several years. Individual Messages        
08/21/2017 Battling Confusion as End-Time Spiritual Warriors David Townsend This Sunday, David Townsend shared a message called "Battling Confusion as End-Time Spiritual Warriors". In it, David explains how confusion can be an indicator or symptom of something demonic going on, but as End-Time Spiritual Warriors, we must be prepared to recognize and see beyond it to stop the overall strategy of the enemy in any situation. Individual Messages        
10/01/2017 The Days of Recompense Mike McClung In a special, stand-alone message, Mike McClung shared this Sunday on the current state of the Body of Christ and our mandate from the Lord for the foreseeable future. "Days of Recompense" is the season phase the Lord has used to describe this time of building the kingdom, reclaiming what has been lost or stolen, and "punishing disobedience" (2 Cor. 10). The question is, "are we prepared?" Individual Messages        
10/15/2017 Striking the Waters in the New Season David Townsend David Townsend shared a message this Sunday called, "Striking the Waters in the New Season." It is time to manifest and to put into practice what we have been told about this new season. But how do we make the Word of God real, when we have to deal with the "real world" on Monday morning? The Lord has an answer to that: mustard seed faith. Individual Messages        
10/22/2017 The Final Temple Richard Mays Dr. Richard H. Mays shared a message Sunday morning at Lionheart called, "The Final Temple." If the Lord has said that we, human beings, are His chosen temple for the Holy Spirit, then why do we so often neglect our physical bodies? Could it be that one hindrance to breakthrough and revival is that we are casually abusing our "temple" and regarding His dietary laws as void? Individual Messages        
03/04/2018 The Emerging Ekklesia, Series 2, The Ascension Gifts | Part 1, Apostle Mike McClung Mike McClung started a new series this Sunday, continuing and expanding on the topic of the Emerging Ekklesia. This series is called, "The Emerging Ekklesia, Series 2 - The Ascension Gifts". To begin the series, Mike talked about the foundation of the Ekklesia's leadership, The Apostle. Often misunderstood and rarely seen in our time, the Apostles are being raised up in these last days to return the Body of Christ to order, so that together with the other 5-fold offices, we can be built up into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. The Emerging Ekklesia       Church Order/ Function
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