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11/26/2017 Tools for the Journey Roy and Vanessa Hackett Roy and Vanessa Hackett visited Lionheart this Sunday 11/26/17 with a special message of insight for our times. Roy's message was called "Tools for the Journey" about the few simple things we must remember in order to be faithful in the days ahead. Individual Messages        
04/03/2017 Believing the Lie Richard Mays This Sunday, Dr. Richard Mays shared on how deception can twist the Word of God in the minds of believers and leave us powerless and full of doubt, when we should be walking in the "greater works" mentioned by Jesus in John 14:12. Individual Messages        
10/22/2017 The Final Temple Richard Mays Dr. Richard H. Mays shared a message Sunday morning at Lionheart called, "The Final Temple." If the Lord has said that we, human beings, are His chosen temple for the Holy Spirit, then why do we so often neglect our physical bodies? Could it be that one hindrance to breakthrough and revival is that we are casually abusing our "temple" and regarding His dietary laws as void? Individual Messages        
05/06/2018 Dead Men Walking Richard Mays Dr. Richard H. Mays ministered a message this Sunday called, "Dead Men Walking." In it, he explains how if we dedicated ourselves to the Lord as living sacrifices (Rom. 12:1), our lives should be surrendered daily to the One who has purchased them. This is a very clear and concise message on a critical topic which many believers can overlook. Individual Messages       Church Order/ Function
03/12/2018 2018 Turnaround With Randy DeMain - Session 3 Randy DeMain This is Session 3 of the 2018 Turnaround Conference With Randy DeMain that took place over this past weekend. In it, Randy shares on the fascinating hidden meaning of the number 70 in scripture and the prophetic significance of it for this year. 2018 Turnaround - A Conference With Randy DeMain       Church Order/ Function
07/19/2015 Part 4, Breaking Up the Fallow Ground Mike McClung In this message, Mike McClung addresses the need for each believer to let the Lord search their hearts for sin and selfishness. Preparation for Revival        
02/19/2017 A New Season - Wealth Transfer, A Heart Issue Mike McClung In this message, Mike McClung discussed the real hindrance to the transfer of the wealth that will fund the extension and expansion of the Kingdom of God: our heart condition before God. A New Season       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
03/05/2017 Contending for the Power of God Mike McClung It is human nature to settle, to eventually accept situations that seem beyond our control. YET, no matter how bad the conditions of this world become, and no matter how powerless the Church seems, the Lord commands us to deny our perceptions and CONTEND in FAITH. Though we are only human, we believe in a God who can do ALL THINGS.         Kingdom of God/ Future Events
02/26/2017 Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Part 6, Defeating Lawlessness (Part 1) Mike McClung In this message, Mike McClung uses the clear progression of scripture to explain current events. We should not let our hearts be troubled, the Lord has given us understanding of our times beforehand and by seeing His Word clearly, we can know what to do to overcome and establish His kingdom. Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Vision and Strategy       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
03/12/2017 Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Part 9, The Authority of Jesus' Name Mike McClung As a new creature of heaven, we are God’s ambassadors (Father-representatives) bringing His love, word, power and purposes to men and creation, calling them to repentance, submission, obedience and intimacy with the One who burns with desire for them. Yet this is only manifest in and through us if we deny ourselves and choose to submit fully to Him in everything. Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Vision and Strategy       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
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