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08/19/2019 Establishing a Culture of Kingdom Finance and Prosperity Mike McClung Mike McClung continues to review messages on stewardship with "Establishing a Culture of Kingdom Finance and Prosperity." In this message, Mike discusses the difference between the world's view of money, the church system's view of money, and the view of money from scripture in the Kingdom of God.          
08/11/2019 First Fruits (Part 3 of the Stewardship Series) Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike revisits the Stewardship series. This message is called, "The Principle of First Fruits." Contrary to popular belief, we are stewards of all that we have (all that the Lord has entrusted to us), not owners. By seeing things this way, it is only natural and right that we should give back to God all that He asks of us. Specifically, He wants the "first fruits of all our increase." Whether it is money, time, blessing or even children; to be obedient (and to say thank you), we must dedicate these things to Him by either giving them as tithe to our local covenant Body of Christ (in the case of money) or dedicating their use to the Lord, (like setting aside time for the Lord). This is not an option. Stewardship: Financing the Kingdom       Church Order/ Function
08/05/2019 Song of Solomon, Part 19 Mike McClung Mike McClung completes the Song of Solomon series with Part 19--which is a walk through Chapter 8 of the book. At this point, the Bridal Soul has seen every veil and ungodly mentality removed between her and the Lord. Now it is the delight of the believer to help others experience the Lord as they have--to worship the Lord in the midst of the harvest. This is not a evangelism crusade, but a natural outshining of the presence of the Lord from the person. More than any method, the believer is simply letting God be Himself through them to the lost and immature. Song of Solomon       Knowing God/ Devotional
07/28/2019 We are Crossing Over Mike McClung Mike McClung shared a special message this morning about our Sabbath Rest and the history that has brought us here. He shared what the Lord has told him about where Lionheart and the Body of Christ is going from here. This message is weighty, but needed in those fellowships that want to be a part of the Bride of Christ. Individual Messages       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
07/21/2019 The Song of Solomon, Part 18 Mike McClung Mike McClung continues the progression through the Song of Solomon this Sunday with Part 18. Using the palm tree reference in Chapter 7:6-7, Mike unpacks the Lord's description of the Bridal Soul, now that she has come into oneness with Him. Her gaze is set on the Lord alone, and she has matured through trials and suffering; now she is able to handle many tasks, and the soul is interested in other's maturity and growth, not just her own. Song of Solomon       Knowing God/ Devotional
07/14/2019 The Song of Solomon, Part 17 Mike McClung Mike McClung continues his series on the Song of Solomon. In this NEW message, Mike walks through Chapter 7, where the Bridegroom describes the affect of the Bridal Soul on those around her, now that she has fully submitted to Him and become a clean vessel of His Spirit in the Earth. Song of Solomon       Knowing God/ Devotional
07/07/2019 The Song of Solomon, Part 16 Mike McClung In this message, Mike McClung walks through Chapter 6 of the Song of Solomon. As the Bridal soul comes to the place where she loves the Bridegroom for Him and not for anything she can get out of Him, she begins to radiate with the glory of Jesus Christ and many are drawn to Him and not her gifts. This is where the true harvest begins. Song of Solomon       Knowing God/ Devotional
06/30/2019 The Song of Solomon, Part 15 Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike McClung returns to his series on the Song of Solomon to update Part 15. This message is a discussion of one of the most intense trials the Bridal Soul experiences. It is a dark night of the soul where persecution comes from Godly Leaders, and other suffering may be involved; and all the while, the Lord is completely silent and imperceptible. This is the season where the Lord deals with our need for "external" comforts, encouragements, acknowledgements, etc. and brings us to the place where we truly serve Him for Him, and not what we can get out of Him. This is truly a narrow way, and few are willing to follow the Lord this close, yet He has promised that before He returns, He will have a Corporate Bride that is willing to pass through this and come out the other side still lovesick. Song of Solomon       Knowing God/ Devotional
06/25/2019 Glory and Government (Part 20 of the Tabernacle of David Foundations Series) Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike McClung shares on the pursuit of the glory of God, and a missing dimension of much of the thinking in the Body of Christ: the government of God. This is not a reference to praying for righteous government in our nation, though that is important. Establishing the government of God is the process by which we come into agreement with and submission to the Will of God on an individual and corporate level. Without this, our prayers for the glory of God to be established with have a limited effect. Tabernacle of David Foundations       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
06/16/2019 Abba: Our Source of Life (From the Abba Series: Foundations) Mike McClung This week, Mike McClung shares a message from the "Abba Foundations" series. In this message, called "Abba, Our Source of Life," wherein he explains how Abba is always working in us to mold us into the image of His Son, Jesus. Abba is our Source, who loves and delights over us, and He is moving to shape and train us to be like Jesus.

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