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11/17/2019 Vision: Part 3, Hearing Correctly Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike continued the NEW series "Vision." This week, Mike talked about how even when we hear the voice of the Lord, we can hear through filters that cause us to interpret His words incorrectly. Romans 12:1-2 indicates that the natural desires of the body, and minds not renewed by the Word of God can distort what the Lord speaks to us into a message He would never say. Idealism, poor character, and anything else that gives credit or center focus to something other than the Lord Jesus Christ will always lead us to trouble because we will not be hearing correctly. Vision       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
11/10/2019 Vision: Part 2, Staying Centered Mike McClung Mike McClung shares Part 2 of the new Vision series called, "Staying Centered." Last week, Mike discussed the moment in Matthew 16 where Peter declares that Jesus was "the Christ, the Son of the Living God." This week, Mike took on the moment that immediately followed: when Peter tried to rebuke the Lord for saying that He must go to the Cross. As Mike explains, just because we have heard the Father speak to us, does not mean we understand how the Father's plan will be fulfilled. Most of the time, we hear the Word of God through our idealism and ultimately, through our self-focused motivations. These must all go to the Cross, so that Christ can be the center of everything. Once this is settled, nothing can hinder God's will. Vision       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
11/03/2019 Vision: Part 1, Hearing and Seeing Mike McClung Mike McClung started a new series today called, "Vision." With such chaos and noise in our culture, and even in our churches today, it has never been more important to walk with Vision from God. This is not simple living a life of biblical principles, but living out what Jesus said about Himself, "I only do what I see what the Father doing' (John 5:19). This is vision: that we would live our lives from a place of intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, and walk in rhema-word driven purpose. Vision       Spiritual Gifts/ Growth
10/27/2019 Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree Ben Brown Ben Brown shares from Jeremiah 1:9-12 and "Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree." For some, it is time to hear the Lord's voice calling to "come out of the Babylonian system." But for others, the Lord is calling us to train and equip ourselves to help others get out of those ungodly mentalities. Individual Messages        
10/20/2019 Written for This Day David Townsend David Townsend shared this Sunday on how we can continue expanding the breakthrough that we are experiencing; and how we can better walk in faith and declare the Word. Lionheart and the covenant community we are involved with have received an abundance of wisdom and revelation over the last several months, and it is important to take hold of what the Lord is doing in faith. Individual Messages       Kingdom of God/ Future Events
10/13/2019 New Era Commissioning Mike McClung Mike McClung shares a special message regarding the New Era we have entered. Though it is specifically directed at Lionheart Fellowship, this message has far-reaching impact. For Lionheart, it is the beginning of a corporate expression of the original call for our body. For the larger body, there is a work of the Holy Spirit going on to take from the Christlikeness in the spiritual fathers and mothers and multiply it throughout entire covenant bodies, and then expand it even further from here. Individual Messages        
10/04/2019 Revival and Proclamation - Roy and Vanessa Hackett Roy and Vanessa Hackett At our "Establishing the Hub of Eight/Tabernacle of David" meeting this Friday, Roy and Vanessa Hackett from Wales, UK share a message from the Lord about "Revival and Proclamation." As many are saying, we are going from a season of "seeing" to a season of "declaring the Word of the Lord." Roy explains what this means and how the Ekklesia must grasp this season immediately with faith.

It is a powerful and timely Word from the Lord!
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09/29/2019 Randy DeMain - Power Leading to Perfection Randy DeMain Special guest Randy DeMain shares from Psalm 68 about the Lord's plans for His people in this season, and leading up to His return. The plans for us are truly grand indeed: pour out enough power that leads the remnant to the perfection of oneness that the Lord Jesus prays over us in John 17:21. Individual Messages       Conferences/ Special Events/ Guest Speakers
09/22/2019 Rhema and the Angelic Realm (Part 17 of Preparing for Revival) Mike McClung This morning, Mike McClung finished the "Preparing for Revival" series with a message on the Rhema Word of God and the Angelic Realm. According to Psalm 103:20-21, the angelic forces of heaven are sent into action through the release of the rhema word of God. As we as the Ekklesia release that Word of God, we should see the kingdom advanced through the moving of the Holy Spirit AND the Angels of Heaven. Preparation for Revival        
09/15/2019 The Convergence and Synergy of the Ages (Part 16 of Preparing for Revival) Mike McClung This Sunday, Mike McClung explains how the Holy Spirit is releasing the anointing of the Sons of Issachar to "understand the times and to know what to do." It cannot be overstated how critical it is for God's people to know the times and seasons that we live in, and the Holy Spirit is releasing this anointing to give strategic wisdom to prepare and overcome. We are in the days when all decisions based on natural, human wisdom alone will be overcome by this world. We must stay awake and aware. Because we are also in the days when the anointings of all the previous moves of God will converge into one global river of the Spirit. Will we be ready?

This message is an addition to the "Preparation for Revival" teaching series. This update is ongoing, but you can find previous parts on mp3 by looking in the Lionheart Store here:
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