8 Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare

Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare

Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare


There's an unseen war raging around us, which end has ultimately been won through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He has left us here, fully equipped with His own armor and weaponry, to enforce His victory and execute His judgments against the prevailing powers of darkness, and the mindsets that blind and enslave humanity and the creation itself. This series will reveal how we victoriously train and defeat these powers and then loose the kingdom of God to overtake and influence the structures and systems of society.

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Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare: Part 16, Covenant and Spiritual Warfare

On Sunday, Mike McClung shared on 'Covenant and Spiritual Warfare.' It was a powerful and pointed message, but one that the Body of Christ needs to hear, if we truly want to become One Body. When true...

DATE: 10/29/2017

SPEAKER: Mike McClung SERIES: Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare