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1 Preparation for Revival  
2 A New Season  
3 Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Vision and Strategy To wage an effectual war, there must be personal and corporate preparation. This means understanding the God we serve, our place in His plan and the strongholds of darkness we face. This series follows up on Battle for the Kingdom, Part 1 and takes a deeper and more specific look at what it means to push back the darkness and establish the Kingdom of God.
4 Individual Messages These messages are not a part of a larger series, and may be a special one-day events from a guest speaker.
5 Battle for the Kingdom, Series 3: Zion, the Stronghold of the Lord In the battle for the kingdom of God, there is only one refuge, one “Goshen”, while the nations are raging and the wrath of God is poured out in judgment. It is Zion, the stronghold of the Lord. The Church must prepare for the coming battle by establishing these places of His manifest presence because Zion will be the only place of protection.
6 Cleansing the Temple: Closing Open Doors Many would agree with Eph 4:27, that we should "give no place to the devil," yet many of us consider that a external work of "moral living", not an issue of the heart. Mike McClung teaching in this series how open doors are much deeper than the daily missteps that we all struggle with. Yet the healing and freedom the Lord offers us is much deeper than we can imagine as well.
7 Cleansing the Temple - Series 2, Removing the Squatters  
8 Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare There's an unseen war raging around us, which end has ultimately been won through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He has left us here, fully equipped with His own armor and weaponry, to enforce His victory and execute His judgments against the prevailing powers of darkness, and the mindsets that blind and enslave humanity and the creation itself. This series will reveal how we victoriously train and defeat these powers and then loose the kingdom of God to overtake and influence the structures and systems of society.
9 Restoring the Warrior Spirit What’s wrong with the church and western society? While several issues could be named, a root-cause of much trouble is that the male, warrior spirit has been mocked, decried and feminized by a Jezebelic culture. The mind-molders in the media, Hollywood, and government are stripping our culture of all masculinity. So what is a biblical warrior? Someone who accepts responsibility, faces discipline and lives strategically. The Lord is looking for those who will let Him shape them into warriors because they are desperately needed.
10 The Communion Table A scriptural look at the New Covenant ordinance of communion, as instituted by the Lord Jesus.
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