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8-7-22 | The Spirit of Perversion (Ben Brown) | Lionheart Fellowship

The first perversion is the twisting of the truth...

DATE: 8/7/2022

SERIES: Individual Messages
Preparing for God's Judgments (Ben Brown)

Are we operating in idealism or the mind of Christ?

DATE: 10/5/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree

Ben Brown shares from Jeremiah 1:9-12 and 'Bearing the Fruit of the Almond Tree.' For some, it is time to hear the Lord's voice calling to 'come out of the Babylonian system.' But for others, the Lord...

DATE: 10/27/2019

SERIES: Individual Messages
God's Purpose in Deferred Hope

This Sunday, one of Lionheart's elders, Ben Brown, shared a message called, 'God's Purpose in Our Deferred Hope.' Proverbs 13:12 says that 'hope deferred makes the heart sick.' We understand the feeli...

DATE: 5/27/2019

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Full Circle of Christlikeness

Ben Brown shared a message this Sunday called, 'The Full Circle of Christlikeness.' Beginning with Isaiah 53:11, Ben walks through the scriptural definition of 'justification', and the process of the ...

DATE: 10/22/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages
The New Sound

Ben Brown shared this Sunday on 'The New Sound'. Contrary to popular belief, the New Sound God is waiting for is not necessarily musical. Walking through scripture, Ben uses example after example to s...

DATE: 4/22/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Secret Place

This Sunday, Ben Brown shared a message called, 'The Secret Place.' In it, he explains how at the foundation of what the Lord wants is relationship, not the accomplishment of a task. This is especiall...

DATE: 3/26/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages