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Dead Men Walking

Dr. Richard H. Mays ministered a message this Sunday called, 'Dead Men Walking.' In it, he explains how if we dedicated ourselves to the Lord as living sacrifices (Rom. 12:1), our lives should be surr...

DATE: 5/6/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Final Temple

Dr. Richard H. Mays shared a message Sunday morning at Lionheart called, 'The Final Temple.' If the Lord has said that we, human beings, are His chosen temple for the Holy Spirit, then why do we so of...

DATE: 10/22/2017

SERIES: Individual Messages
Believing the Lie

This Sunday, Dr. Richard Mays shared on how deception can twist the Word of God in the minds of believers and leave us powerless and full of doubt, when we should be walking in the 'greater works' men...

DATE: 4/3/2017

SERIES: Individual Messages