Kingdom of God/ Future Events

MEDIA IN Kingdom of God/ Future Events

4-17-22 | Resurrection Life and Power | Lionheart Fellowship

If Jesus is alive, why do we live like He is not?

DATE: 4/17/2022

SERIES: Individual Messages
Removing Doubt and Moving Mountains - Handouts

If we believe and do not doubt, we can move and establish mountains.

DATE: 3/25/2022

SERIES: Individual Messages
2-27-22 | Worship: Our First Ministry | Lionheart Fellowship

What is the focus and foundation of our personal ministry?

DATE: 3/1/2022

SERIES: Tabernacle of David Foundations
1-9-22 | A Prepared Priesthood | Lionheart Fellowship

What Does It Take for the Lord's Glory to Rest?

DATE: 1/9/2022

SERIES: Preparation for Revival
12-5-21 | It's Time for Justice | Lionheart Fellowship

It's time for justice. What does that look like?

DATE: 12/5/2021

SERIES: Individual Messages
10-24-21 | Opening the Seals | Lionheart Fellowship

Where are we in the book of Revelation today?

DATE: 10/24/2021

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Cost of the Lord's Abiding Glory and Power

What does it take to see breakthrough?

DATE: 5/23/2021

SERIES: Individual Messages
Endurance and Persecution

What is Persecution and How Do We Train for It?

DATE: 4/20/2021

SERIES: Individual Messages
Overcoming Life - Part 1, Why I Was Created

We were created to enjoy Him and extend His kingdom!

DATE: 11/10/2020

SERIES: Restoring the Ruins: Overcoming Life
The Shift, Part 9 - Kingdom Success

What is success in God's eyes?

DATE: 10/27/2020

SERIES: The Shift
The Kingdom Purpose for the Family

Are we family-centered or Christ-centered?

DATE: 10/12/2020

SERIES: The Emerging Ekklesia
Preparing for God's Judgments (Ben Brown)

Are we operating in idealism or the mind of Christ?

DATE: 10/5/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Shift - Part 6, Worship and Warfare Overview

What is the purpose of worship? Is it just a warm up before a good sermon?

DATE: 9/20/2020

SERIES: The Shift
The Shift, Part 3 - What is Being Prayed?

Are we praying with specificity, urgency and expectancy?

DATE: 9/1/2020

SERIES: The Shift
The Shift, Part 2

Who is it that is praying?

DATE: 8/23/2020

SERIES: The Shift
The Shift, Part 1

What is the purpose of the Ekklesia, and are we fulfilling it?

DATE: 8/17/2020

Prayer Points for Righteousness and Justice

What to pray right now to engage in the good fight of faith.

DATE: 8/16/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Feast of Pentecost

What are the spiritual implications of the Feast of Pentecost? What do they matter to us today?

DATE: 5/24/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Convergence and Synergy of the Ages (Reprise)

A Word from the Lord to the Body of Christ - May 7th, 2020

DATE: 5/10/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Substance of an End-Time Soldier

How do we prepare? How do we train?

DATE: 5/3/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
Preparation for Revival: Part 14, True Repentance

True repentance requires hearing the truth.

DATE: 4/27/2020

SERIES: Preparation for Revival
Zion v Babylon: Part 5, Ekklesia and Civil Government

We must understand the true meaning of Romans 13.

DATE: 4/20/2020

Preparation for Revival: Part 9, Prevailing Faith

This Sunday, Mike McClung shared a message from the "Preparation for Revival" series.

DATE: 4/5/2020

SERIES: Preparation for Revival
Global Day of Prayer and Fasting Message

Mike McClung shares his perspective on what's going on during our participation in the Global Day of Prayer and Fasting to end COV-19.

DATE: 3/29/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
3-22-20 | Leviathan Moving - Mike McClung | Lionheart Kingdom Meeting

What is going on right now? And what can the Body of Christ do?

DATE: 3/22/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
2020 Beginnings - Part 6

Why do revivals fade?

DATE: 2/9/2020

SERIES: 2020 Beginnings
2020 Beginnings - Part 5

We have many of the right actions, but are we surrendered to the Lord?

DATE: 2/4/2020

SERIES: 2020 Beginnings
2020 Beginnings - Part 4

Do we realize that we were not born to spend our lives scraping by just to pay bills?

DATE: 1/26/2020

SERIES: 2020 Beginnings
2020 Beginnings - Part 3, Creation Groans

Are we satisfied with the condition of the world around us?

DATE: 1/19/2020

SERIES: 2020 Beginnings
1-5-20 | Lionheart 2020 Launch

This Sunday, Mike McClung shared a message on what the Lord has said about 2020 and how Lionheart and the Body of Christ should position ourselves for it.

DATE: 1/5/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
Written for This Day

David Townsend shared this Sunday on how we can continue expanding the breakthrough that we are experiencing; and how we can better walk in faith and declare the Word. Lionheart and the covenant commu...

DATE: 10/20/2019

SERIES: Individual Messages
The Convergence and Synergy of the Ages (Part 16 of Preparing for Revival)

This Sunday, Mike McClung explains how the Holy Spirit is releasing the anointing of the Sons of Issachar to 'understand the times and to know what to do.' It cannot be overstated how critical it is f...

DATE: 9/15/2019

SERIES: Preparation for Revival
Is There Not a Cause? (Part 15 of Preparing for Revival)

This Sunday, Mike McClung continued the preparatory work toward outshining breakthrough by sharing the message, 'Is There Not a Cause?' In this message, Mike explains how the convergence and synergy o...

DATE: 9/8/2019

SERIES: Preparation for Revival
We are Crossing Over

Mike McClung shared a special message this morning about our Sabbath Rest and the history that has brought us here. He shared what the Lord has told him about where Lionheart and the Body of Christ is...

DATE: 7/28/2019

SERIES: Individual Messages
Glory and Government (Part 20 of the Tabernacle of David Foundations Series)

This Sunday, Mike McClung shares on the pursuit of the glory of God, and a missing dimension of much of the thinking in the Body of Christ: the government of God. This is not a reference to praying fo...

DATE: 6/25/2019

SERIES: Tabernacle of David Foundations
Building the Temple of the Lord

This Sunday, Pastor David Townsend shared a message called, 'Building the Temple of the Lord.' In it, David defined come common biblical terms that we use and misuse when describing the work of the Lo...

DATE: 6/2/2019

SERIES: Individual Messages
Tabernacles - The Feast of Rest (Part 9 of The Feasts of the Lord Series)

This week, Mike McClung taught from the 'Feasts of the Lord' series. He revisited the message, 'Tabernacles, the Feast of Rest' to update and expand it. If we are to enter into His rest, we must under...

DATE: 5/5/2019

The Mystery of Christ's Headship in Our Times

David Townsend shares on the Leadership of Christ. Understanding our Lord as our Head is essential to growing into the Bride of Christ in the End-Times. We need to see our Lord as consistent in His le...

DATE: 9/2/2018

SERIES: Individual Messages