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Friendly Fire

The armor of God does not have protection for our backs...

DATE: 6/6/2021

SERIES: Individual Messages
Spiritual Warfare: Hearing and Rest

If we want the power of the Holy Spirit, we must REST.

DATE: 1/12/2021

SERIES: Spiritual Warfare
Going In - Part 3 - A Call to the Wall

Mike McClung shares "A Call to the Wall."

DATE: 11/1/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
Intercessors Needed!

What will it take to save this nation?

DATE: 5/17/2020

SERIES: Individual Messages
Prayer Warriors, Part 1

What is the difference between someone who prays and a prayer warrior?

DATE: 1/12/2020

SERIES: Prayer Warriors
Warfare By Honor (Part 9 of the Spiritual Warfare Series)

Mike McClung shares a very important message about the necessity of honor in addressing the Lord, one another and even those that dishonor us. Honor is scarce in our society and in our churches, yet i...

DATE: 2/25/2019

Identity and Destiny - From the Series Restoring the Ruins: Generations

Mike McClung shares a message on 'Identity and Destiny', an in depth look at how the blessings and curses that come on us from authority figures and others can so easily shape our identity. This then ...

DATE: 9/25/2018

Glory is Coming! (Part 19 of Tabernacle of David Foundations)

This Sunday, Lionheart held our first service in our NEW BUILDING. We are so thankful for what the Lord has provided. Mike shared a message called 'Glory is Coming!' describing the progression of the ...

DATE: 7/2/2018