1-7-24 | Healing is the Father’s Will | Lionheart Fellowship


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This Sunday, Mike McClung started a review of the biblical view of healing with a message entitled, “Healing is the Father’s Will.” If we believe that Jesus Christ is the full expression of the Father’s character and power, and that He always did the Father’s will (as it says in John 5:19 and elsewhere) — then we must also agree that healing is always the Father’s will and desire. Jesus Christ never turned anyone away that sought Him, and His power was never too small for any situation. Erroneous views of healing arise from erroneous views of God. Many are troubled by many questions surrounding healing, but we must start with the right view of the Father before we can address them. The truth is our Heavenly Father sees our pain and oppression clearly, and His compassion toward us is beyond our wildest imagination. He desires our wholeness more than we do.

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