Unshakeable Kingdom Conference – March 11-12, 2022


Everything will be shaken until only what is unshakeable remains


The Unshakeable Kingdom Conference With Randy DeMain – March 11th-12th, 2022

Though evil forces are very active in the world today, we understand that it is the Lord that is shaking everything that can be shaken. In answer to the intercession of His people, He is shaking principalities, peoples and nations–including our own–so that His Unshakeable Kingdom will emerge. So it is time for His people to be like Daniel and contend for His purposes, and not our comfort.

Randy DeMain ministered at Lionheart Restoration Ministries during this 3-session conference. It was an incredibly powerful and strategic time.

His messages were as follows: Session 1 – A Season of Signs; Session 2 – Settling Accounts; Session 3 – The Priesthood and the King. You can get all three by selecting “Entire Series on CD” above, or “Entire Series on Flashdrive/Thumbdrive”. To get the individual sessions on CD, select “Individual Message on CD”, then select which session you want. 

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