3-17-24 | The Original Pattern (Part 2 of Restoring the Ruins: Biblical Manhood) | Lionheart Fellowship


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This Sunday, Mike McClung continued with the review of the Restoration of Biblical Manhood Series with Part 2 “The Original Pattern”. In this message, Mike discussed how men have historically reacted one of two ways when faced with the onslaught of Jezebelic attack (like in our culture today).  Either a man responds with a macho attitude of physical or emotion violence; or he gives up and just goes along with everything, retreating to his man cave. Jesus calls men to something better than either. Through Christ, there can be the restoration of the warrior spirit. A man under Christ’s command lives, stands, and speaks the truth; and Jesus Christ defines him as a man. This enables him to bring his strength in the right way to every relationship in his life.

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