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The Door of Hope in the New Season By Jodie Brown

From the time the Lord gave this Word in 2009 until now, it has been a Body journey. As we individually have embraced the work of the Cross, we have been drawn to each other and “walked through the Jordan” together.

First Steps in the New Season of Restoration – Removing Illusions By Mike McClung

When the strongholds of illusion are removed, as we see in the training of the wilderness in Moses’ life, the Lord is then free to release the fullness of His promises and purposes, because the vessel is set aside with no personal or pre-conceived bias.

East TN Revival History, Part 4 – An Inexhaustive Review, Current Events and Future Promises By David Townsend

There is a temptation with history, and even Scripture, to let the wonder take us over into fantasy, but these events must remain firmly grounded in reality. Samuel Carrick, R.C. Spurling—these were real men who encountered God and surrendered to Him. And through them, God shifted an entire region.