Feasts of the Lord (Teaching Series)


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The Feasts of the Lord by Mike McClung

In the Feasts of the Lord series, Mike McClung walks through each of the feasts or holy days required of the nation of Israel in the Old Testament. Each one–from Passover to Tabernacles–had a fulfillment in the natural through the nation of Israel’s observance and a historical fulfillment in the life of the Lord Jesus. The third fulfillment, is the ongoing and increasing fulfillment of the feasts in the Body of Christ, where we will prophetically manifest the Lord Jesus in the earth.

Would you like to know the agenda of the Lord for your lifetime? The Lord has plainly laid out blueprints here in His feasts!

11 Part Series, Handouts included.

Part 1 – Passover
Part 2 – Unleavened Bread
Part 3 – First Fruits
Part 4 – Pentecost
Part 5 – Tabernacles, The Feast of Trumpets
Part 6 – Tabernacles, The Day of Atonement
Part 7 – Tabernacles, The Feast of Ingathering
Part 8 – Tabernacles, The Feast of Unity
Part 9 – Tabernacles, The Feast of Rest
Part 10 – Tabernacles, The Appearing
Part 11 – Tabernacles, The Feast of Glory

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