Judge of the Earth (Teaching Series)



Judge of the Earth – A Teaching Series By Mike McClung

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We cannot pick and choose characteristics of God that we feel comfortable with. He is who He is, and if we want to grow in our relationship and intimacy with our Lord, we must understand Him as the Bridegroom, King AND Judge. Fortunately, He is also not like us. He is the only completely righteous Judge; the one who brings justice and makes the wrong things right. But in order to experience His justice on our behalf, we must learn to receive Him, think like Him and labor with Him.

8 Part Series With Handouts Included

Messages are as follows:
Part 1 – The Remedial Judge
Part 2 – God’s Remedial Judgments
Part 3 – The Wrath of God
Part 4 – Suffering – Part 1
Part 5 – Suffering – Part 2
Part 6 – Disciplined for War
Part 7 – Agreement with the Judge
Part 8 – The Bride’s End-Time Victory

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