Restoring the Ruins, Series 1: Generations



In this series, Mike outlines God’s plan of fulfilling His mission to fill the earth with the presence of Christ through His connected body, through the transgenerational expansion of His presence, purposes and kingdom. God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He has declared Himself as the God of generations, and it’s through the successive passing of His presence and purposes to each new generation, that His kingdom is established and expanded. This means that each present generation must fulfill its calling while also preparing a new generation to enter into the present purposes, and then taking it to new dimensions in succeeding years.

9 Part Series

Part 1 – Releasing Our Inheritance
Part 2 – Impartation of Generational Blessings and Mantles
Part 3 – Generational Transfer- Shaping the Heart
Part 4 – Dynamics of Generational Transfer
Part 5 – Passing the Test of Endurance
Part 6 – Identity and Destiny
Part 7 – Practical Steps to Shaping the Heart
Part 8 – Kingdom Economic Culture
Part 9 – Breaking the Generational Transfer of Shame

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