Restoring the Ruins, Series 3: The Restoration of Biblical Manhood (Teaching Series)



In this latest nine-part series, Mike gives the biblical basis for men to become the warriors, husbands and disciples that God intended them to be from creation. This is a hard-hitting series of messages confronting the mindsets, cultural mores and practices that have weakened God’s design and intention for men, and their God-ordained role of protector, provider and warrior on behalf of their families and the culture.

Part 1- Restoring Biblical Manhood
Part 2- Divine Order In the Natural & Spiritual Family
Part 3- Restoring Men, Fathers & Male Leaders
Part 4- The Original Pattern
Part 5- Dealing with Jezebel’s Offspring
Part 6- Restoring the Warrior Spirit (Part A)
Part 7- Restoring the Warrior Spirit (Part B)
Part 8- Restoring the Warrior Spirit (Part C)
Part 9- Establishing His Presence

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Entire Series, Part 01, Part 02, Part 03, Part 04, Part 05, Part 06, Part 07, Part 08, Part 09


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