Stewardship: Financing the Kingdom (Teaching Series)



In this series, Mike McClung explores the biblical principles of good stewardship in the Kingdom of God. Regardless of the size or scope, we have all been entrusted with a stewardship in the form of life, time, talents, possessions and finances. To be faithful in these areas, we must first understand God’s ultimate purpose for each of them. For any who have ever wondered “Why does God need my money?” this series is a must. (Hint: it’s never been your money.)

8 Part Series:

Part 1 – An Overview of Stewardship
Part 2 – God’s Financial Order
Part 3 – The Principle of First Fruits
Part 4 – The Righteous Movement of Money
Part 5 – The Place of Faith in Giving
Part 6 – God’s Wisdom: Financing the House of Prayer
Part 7 – Keys to Kingdom Resources
Part 8 – Financing the Harvest
Part 9

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