Tabernacle of David: Foundations (Teaching Series)



This series lays the biblical foundations for the restoration of the Tabernacle of David, and outlines the divine order found within. During the relentless pursuit of God’s presence, blessing and vision are given to encourage the believer. The goal of this teaching is the removal of the veil so that all may enter in to the fullness of God’s presence and may understand God’s prophetic plan for the church age.

18 Part Series

Part 1- Commitment to the Vision
Part 2- Preparation of the Tabernacle of David
Part 3- David & the Bridal Paradigm
Part 4- A Necessary Change
Part 5- A New Priesthood
Part 6- God’s Manifest Presence
Part 7- Intercession
Part 8- Our First Ministry
Part 9- Davidic Authority
Part 10- Driving out the Jebusites
Part 11- Zion- The City of God
Part 12- A Historical Perspective
Part 13- Removing the Inner Veil
Part 14- Removing the Outer Veil
Part 15- The Principle of Pouring Out
Part 16- Celebrating the Lord’s Presence
Part 17- Zion Restored
Part 18- The Lord’s Footstool

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