Tabernacle of David: Worship and Warfare (Teaching Series)



This series contains an in-depth study on the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. This teaching sets the biblical foundations for praise and worship in the body of Christ. It analyzes the different forms of ministry unto the Lord, and their place in worship and warfare.

10 Part Series

Part 1- Foundations of Praise and Worship
Part 2- Acceptable & Unacceptable Sacrifices
Part 3- Ministry of Praise (Part 1)
Part 4- Ministry of Praise (Part 2)
Part 5- Ministry of Praise (Part 3)
Part 6- The Mechanics of Praise
Part 7- The Voice of the Lord in Worship
Part 8- The Weapon of Worship (Part 1)
Part 9- The Weapon of Worship (Part 2)
Part 10- The Weapon of Dance

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