The Coming Days of Awe – A Conference With Randy DeMain – September 2023


Randy DeMain ministered at Lionheart in September 2023 for The Coming Days of Awe Conference.


The Lord is inspecting His people right now. He is looking for signs of a maturing, corporate Bride that is in agreement with His purposes. This is critical right now as the “kings of the earth” are setting themselves against Him (Psalm 2) and He is releasing His judgments against them in the earth. If the Lord can find a holy vessel within His people to move through, an Isaiah 4/ Psalm 91 shelter for the righteous can be established; justice can be released; and the greatest harvest in history will come in.

Randy DeMain ministered at Lionheart Restoration Ministries in September of 2023 at The Coming Days of Awe Conference. At this conference, Randy gave a series of very strong messages regarding the times we live in and what the Body of Christ is called to do. We must know the Word of God, revealed by the Spirit of God; and we must be quick to obey because we know the heart of God. This is not the end, this is the time we the Lord moves on behalf of His people like never before, because this is also the time when we must come into Oneness with Him like never before.

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Preaching the gospel for over 30 years, Randy has served as pastor, teacher, and church planter. For the past several years, he has traveled full time as an Apostolic Revivalist. Randy regularly conducts harvest and healing crusades, training events, and speaks at conferences worldwide. His heart is to see the body of Christ operate, not just in word only, but in demonstrations of the Spirit and power.

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