In the final installment of these articles, we should begin by reminding ourselves that these are more than just amazing stories; they truly happened. There is a temptation with history, and even Scripture, to let the wonder take us over into fantasy, but these events must remain firmly grounded in reality. Samuel Carrick, R.C. Spurling—these were real men who encountered God and surrendered to Him. And through them, God shifted an entire region. They are just as real as A.A. Allen and his descendants, who are still alive today. And the miraculous healing of David H. sixty years ago was VERY real. In fact, though it seems strange to say, when the glory of God enveloped that little boy for a moment in 1959, the healing was so complete that it made him…normal. And somewhere, maybe even near us today, that boy is now almost sixty-three years old.

The importance of keeping a grip on reality here comes from the difference between history and a story. While a story can be dismissed, history always asks something from us. If we answer poorly, or not at all, we are doomed to repeat past failures, as the saying goes. In revival history, as we have seen, it is not just wisdom that inspects us but the Lord Himself. These are not just stories. These last two centuries have been a journey and relationship between a longing, Holy God and a maturing, sometimes rebellious, people across many generations. Now, it is our turn to make choices as a region of believers.

So, as I mentioned in the first article, the Lord has been revealing His “future history” to this region in the last few years, and we must repent (as in, change the bent of our lives) to get in line with what He is saying. Just as with my retelling of our history, what follows cannot be considered exhaustive. However, I believe you will see the common themes between the statements and ultimately, the heart of the Lord. This must be true because all these promises are already expressed generally in Scripture for God’s people everywhere. If you look no further than the Great Commission, you can easily see that every believer is supposed to be exercising His authority and “making disciples of the nations” as corporate fellowships. What we see with these promises is a framework of application for our region. I will state it even more plainly: The themes that are listed below are what God wants for our region, our state, and the southeast “at such a time as this.” And He is expecting a response of faith from us.

I can be so confident because these promises are all based on Scripture. However, I can also say so because all the messengers are mature ministers who have a history with the Lord and proven track record. Also, most of them are from outside our region. This allows them to speak with objectivity, and anything they hear from the Lord is free from the influence of local color or bias.

Mike McClung and others have gathered the following promises as specifics to focus on with intercession, to gather covenant relationships around, and to begin to extend God’s kingdom with reverence.



Randy DeMain, a minister from Austin, TX, had the Lord speak to him in 2014, these words: “The Hub of Eight is the Gate of Apostolic Revival, and the Tabernacle of David will be rebuilt in the State of Tennessee.” Through the unfolding of further details of the message, the Lord has promised a move of God which will bring and establish revival in the State of Tennessee, along with the eight surrounding states that are physically connected. Note, Tennessee and Missouri are the only two states in the U.S. that have that many border connections. In each of these eight states (plus Tennessee itself), the Lord has promised to establish apostolic centers (hubs) and wells of “pure praise” that will be based, in part, on the Lord’s restoration of the Tabernacle of David according to Acts 15:15-18/Amos 9:11-13.



Across the Hebridean Islands in Scotland in 1949-1952, an “awakening” took place among the Body of Christ and the lost. It is difficult to calculate how many came to saving faith, though the number would easily be in the thousands.  Leading up to the revival, the prayer of the saints was for God to fulfill His promise of Isaiah 44:3: “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessing on your offspring; They will spring up among the grass like willows by the watercourses.’” The Lord answered the prayer with His Holy Spirit descending on the entire area for three years.

What marked that revival was an “awareness of God” that so gripped the whole region. Even people on the streets would be careful with their words because they knew how near the Lord was all the time. Hundreds of lost people would spontaneously gather at churches, knowing they needed the Lord, yet no one had invited them! Several hundred unsaved even gathered at a police station because they felt deep in their hearts they had “committed a crime,” but they did not know where to go to make it right!

In 2002, the Lord spoke to Mike McClung.  He revealed to him that He was going to bring to this region a ten-fold measure of the Isaiah 44:3 outpouring of what came on the Hebrides in 1949. Again, in July of 2015, the Lord spoke separately to Randy DeMain the exact same Scripture as a promise to the entire state. Neither Randy nor Mike had any idea that the Lord had revealed the same verse to each of them.



In addition to the promises of authority that come through the vision of the restoration of the Tabernacle of David, the Lord has spoken explicitly to several ministers about the “governmental authority” He is offering to this region and state.

Over the course of several years, both Chuck Pierce, a minister with an international prophetic ministry based in Texas, and Dutch Sheets, another prophetic minister with international influence, have spoken about the calling on the State of Tennessee… to exercise God’s authority in the following specifics of these words released:

April 2003: “Because Tennessee formally blessed and aligned with Israel, governmental authority to bring down the Jezebel spirit is being released to Tennessee.”

“The Melchizedek (New Covenant) priesthood would arise here (that over which the great High Priest, the Lord Jesus heads from Zion – the Tabernacle of David), with a new sound of worship that would affect the atmosphere over the whole nation and bring a transfer of wealth to the righteous.”

“Isaiah 22:22, (the key of David – authority from the presence established in the Tabernacle of David) would operate from Tennessee.”

This was partially fulfilled and confirmed when the State of Tennessee began to pass laws establishing righteousness and to correct historical wrongs. First, in March 2003, Tennessee passed a law formally recognizing Israel. Then in April 2014, Tennessee passed a formal resolution of apology to the Native Peoples for the Trail of Tears.

In February 2015, Terry Bennett, a prophetic minister from the Nashville area, released a message in which he shared many things the Lord had been speaking to Him by the angel Gabriel over the course of many years. As a part of that message, the Lord said, “The South will save the Republic.”

There are many more promises to include. However, there is just not enough space to discuss them all here. I have linked to a page below where you can review them in further detail and find out how the Body of Christ is reverently pursuing the fulfillment of these promises. As I have said, it is no longer time to merely discuss. It is time to respond to the Lord in faith.

If you are looking for where to begin, you can go to the link below to find out more about the Hub of 8 vision, as well as, how several fellowships across the state are yielding in response to the Lord in faith so the vision may be fulfilled.  Visit: