We are excited to announce that the Lord has provided a new space for Lionheart Restoration Ministries, one that could last us many years. Just last week, we signed a lease on a building in Maryville that will more than meet our needs. The sanctuary is more than twice the size of our previous building, with plenty of room for dancing and worshiping with all our might. There are amenities that we haven’t had as a Body in more than 10 years, such as an office for everyone who needs one, and a full size kitchen. This new building is in great condition and only needs cosmetic fixes before we can move in.

I’m sure many of you are already asking questions. First, where is it and when is the first service at the new place? Well, for those of you who can join us in person, the new address is 3426 Sevierville Rd. Maryville, TN 37804. And starting NEXT Sunday, May 7th at 10AM; we will hold all of our services there, including Corporate Intercession the following Tuesday, May 9th. I would like to recognize the selfless efforts of many people in our small fellowship that are right now working very hard to get the building ready. Though the building fixes are minimal, the process of moving and setting up is never easy. Lionheart is a family, and everyone is chipping in right now, and we are grateful.

You may also want to know about live streaming during this transition. We are planning on live streaming next Sunday, though it may be limited to one camera. Our plan is to be operational as soon as possible, but fully settling in will take time.

This also answers another possible question: when will prayer watches and the Hub of Eight meetings return? Well, as I said, we will need time to settle in before we can add to our schedule. As we are able, in a few weeks at least, we will announce the return of these things, and more as we go forward. One of the wonderful things about this new building is the potential.

So as always, we ask for your prayers during this time; and also for your patience. We know that we have the Lord’s permission and grace to move forward, which stirs up a sense of excitement and the fear of the Lord. In the 27 years of Lionheart’s journey so far, we have not experienced anything quite like this. Of course, we’ve had buildings before, but this isn’t about a building, this is about building the Body of Christ, and manifesting Jesus. That’s the real breakthrough, and that’s what is expanding. Thank you for supporting us in this journey, and may the Lord bless you all.

Our current schedule is:

-Sunday Mornings @ 10AM EST
-Tuesday Night @ 6:30PM EST

There will be additional schedule changes that will occur when Lionheart, as a body, has finished settling into our facility! We thank all those who took part in preparing our new building for the purposes of serving the Lord! We also thank you all for the prayer and support that you have given to our body! God bless you all!

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