5-5-24 | End-time Special Forces (Part 10 of the Preparing for Battle Series) | Lionheart Fellowship

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This Sunday, Mike McClung taught from the “Preparing for Battle” with the message, “End-time Special Forces.” Many in the body of Christ seem to understand that the Lord has called us as an army to enforce the victory of the Cross. However, most do not know the gravity of being the “End-time Special Forces.” According to Deut. 20, and many other passages, we must not let ourselves be entangled with personal concerns when it is time to engage corporately. We must also undergo training, and consecration that many in the larger Body of Christ will not understand. Finally, we must learn to be led by the Spirit–often using unusual tactics, and supplied by the miraculous–to accomplish the purposes of the Lord. This is not for the regular army.

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