Cleansing the Temple – Series 2: Removing the Squatters (Teaching Series)



As a follow up to the “Cleansing the Temple” series, Mike McClung now has a new series called “Cleansing the Temple: Removing the Squatters”. This is a series that focuses more on the “ground-level” spiritual warfare that believers are called to overcome. Filled with specifics and depth, this is an essential teaching series for anyone looking to become a more welcome temple for the Holy Spirit.

13 Part Series

This series contains the following parts:
Part 1, The Spirit of Infirmity
Part 2, The Spirit of Fear
Part 3, The Spirit of Divination
Part 4, Lying Spirits
Part 5, The Spirit of Bondage
Part 6, The Spirit of Harlotry (Jezebel)
Part 7, The Spirit of Perversion
Part 8, The Deaf and Dumb Spirit
Part 9, The Spirit of Jealousy
Part 10, The Spirit of Haughtiness/ Antichrist Spirit
Part 11, The Spirit of Heaviness
Part 12, The “Jezebel” Principality
Part 13, The Leviathan Spirit

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