Battle for the Kingdom, Series 2: Vision and Strategy (Teaching Series)


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To wage an effectual war, there must be personal and corporate preparation. This means understanding the God we serve, our place in His plan and the strongholds of darkness we face. This series follows up on Battle for the Kingdom, Part 1 and takes a deeper and more specific look at what it means to push back the darkness and establish the Kingdom of God.

Part 1 – Vision & Strategy (A)
Part 2 – Vision & Strategy (B)
Part 3 – Contending For Wealth (A)
Part 4 – Contending For Wealth (B)
Part 5 – Contending For Wealth (C)
Part 6 – Defeating Lawlessness (A)
Part 7 – Defeating Lawlessness (B)
Part 8 – Defeating Lawlessness (C)
Part 9 – The Authority of Jesus’ Name
Part 10 – Stronghold Mindsets Toward Women
Part 11 – Pressing On
Part 12 – Contending for Power

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