Covenant Relationships (Teaching Series)



This series teaches the biblical perspective on covenant relationships in the local body, in marriage and in friendships. This teaching puts in plain, actionable language the guidelines and principles for Godly covenant relationships, and the power released when we walk them out.

A 14 Part Series:

Part 1- The Blood Covenant
Part 2- How does Covenant Work?
Part 3- Why is Covenant Necessary?
Part 4- Interpersonal Covenants
Part 5- Covenant Friendships
Part 6- Local Congregational Covenant
Part 7- Covenant Counseling
Part 8- Covenant Confrontation
Part 9- Broken Covenants and Spiritual Breakthrough
Part 10- Covenant & the Kingdom of God
Part 11- Covenant in Marriage
Part 12- Covenant Betrayal: The Sin of Judas
Part 13- The Blessing of Settling Down
Part 14

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