Emerging Ekklesia, Series 2 – The Ascension Gifts (Teaching Series)



The Emerging Ekklesia, Series 2 – The Ascension Gifts, By Mike McClung

In this follow-up to the Emerging Ekklesia Series, Mike McClung explains the biblical qualifications and purposes of the 5-Fold Ministries, also called the Ascension Gifts. Though many see them as “titles” or “offices”, the Ephesians 4:11 passage refers to them as gifts to the Body of Christ for its edification and maturation. Just as Jesus taught that the greatest among us should be the servant of all, to be called to one of these positions is to be called to serve just as He did. If we would let the Lord set these things in order, we would find the Body of Christ to be a healthy, mature facsimile of Christ Himself.

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