Intimacy With God (Teaching Series)



This series is a comprehensive study on the intimate relationship that God desires with each and every one of us. The heart of the Lord yearns for His Bride to relate to Him as the Bridegroom. In order to relate to Him this way, we must understand how He sees us and what He is offering. Learn in this series about everything from the depth of His love for us to the intimacy of sharing in His sufferings.

18 Part Series

Part 1 – An Overview of the Bridal Paradigm
Part 2 – The Fear of the Lord
Part 3 – No Other Lovers
Part 4 – Understanding the Jealousy of God
Part 5 – Sharing His Sufferings
Part 6 – The Beauty of the Incarnation
Part 7 – Drawing Near in Confidence
Part 8 – A Slave or a Son?
Part 9- Necessities for Intimacy with God
Part 10 – The Truth About the Lord’s Affections
Part 11 – One Thing is Needed
Part 12 – Fellowship with His Body
Part 13 – The Virgin Bride
Part 14 – Intimacy Leads to Travail
Part 15 – Friendship & Fruit Bearing
Part 16 – Partnering with the Lord in Prayer
Part 17 – A Bride or a Widow?
Part 18 – Wasted

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