Preparation for Revival (Teaching Series)



Many in the Church pray for revival. Yet when it comes to the Holy Spirit falling like fire, we seem to only to see short-lived sparks, when what we need is a wildfire. Is it possible the Lord is waiting on something? The testimony of history and scripture is that the Lord sends revival where preparation, grace and desperation intersect. Let us consider what must be done to prepare.

15 Part Series

Part 1 – Spiritual Babylon
Part 2 – Coming Out of Captivity and Corruption
Part 3 – The Cry
Part 4 – Breaking Up the Fallow Ground
Part 5 – Hunger and Thirst
Part 6 – A Prepared Priesthood
Part 7 – Removing Our Idols
Part 8 – Humility
Part 9 – Prevailing Faith
Part 10 – Why We Need Revival
Part 11 – Where’s the Fire?
Part 12 – Prevailing Prayer
Part 13 – Sacrifice – Revival’s Forgotten Condition
Part 14 – The Growing Miracle
Part 15 – “Is There Not a Cause?”

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